Why I love this Photo #3

painted engagement photo in sunflower field at sunset

Welcome to my new blogging series!
I will always come out of a session with clients or just personal work this a few photos I love above the rest.  I’m  drawn to these photos for different reasons.  I want to share some of my favourites and tell you why I think the photo is so intriguing from something that may simple or an idea that is more complex.


This photo is of a fantastic couple during their engagement session. We ventured a few minutes out of Winnipeg where there is a lot more nature around. We found a lot of great places to shoot some photos and made a stop at field of sunflowers. I time my sessions to be right at sunset so we have amazing light and a great sky. I love this photo for two main reasons.  Firstly, you can feel the love and how genuine the embrace between them is. The other reason is because, alongside photography and graphic design, I also love to paint. When I get a chance to combine all three of these I get an amazing image. Van Gogh and many impressionist artist’s are my favourite painters and I love when I can bring that to photography.