Enjoy the Journey- Engagement Sessions





Take it all in, one day at a day, and enjoy the journey.

Engagement couple by beautiful manitoba prairie sky and lake photo


Even though you have to schedule in your engagement shoot and its just another thing on your list of to do’s, we should try to remember to enjoy it.  Sometimes we need help relaxing and taking time to slow down so your photo session is the perfect excuse.

The best thing I can hope for in an engagement shoot is for the couple to actually connect and take time for some real moments together. All shoots start off as awkward and uncomfortable because we are not used to being the focus of the camera. I do this all the time so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself. The more yourself and goofy you are the better.  I encourage kisses and hugs. Pretending like I’m not even there is the best way to approach a session.

Take it all in! Share some smiles and hugs with each other, celebrate one another. Remember how excited you were when you decided  you were going to get down on one knee or when you said yes? Engagement shoots are about you as a couple and your connection, so just be yourself- I’m just there to take some photos.