Why I love this Photo #2



Welcome to my new blogging series!
I will always come out of a session with clients or just personal work this a few photos I love above the rest.  I’m  drawn to these photos for different reasons.  I want to share some of my favourites and tell you why I think the photo is so intriguing from something that may simple or an idea that is more complex.

This photo was from an engagement session with Glenn and Nicole. We started at the green space  around the Millennium Library and then headed to the Leg. We took a few different photos and I barely had to  give them instructions. As soon as they would look at each other they forgot about the camera and were completely natural. I got a ton of great smiles and laughs from them without even trying. They are one of the couples you can just see they have an amazing connection. The water shooting out in this photo reminded me of the energy I was feeling from the couple when they were able to forget about me and just enjoy each others company. With the shape of all the water spray you can really get the sense that i was able to freeze a special moment between Glenn and Nicole… and  that’s why I love this photo!