Why I love this Photo #1



Welcome to my new blogging series!
I will always come out of a session with clients or just personal work this a few photos I love above the rest.  I’m  drawn to these photos for different reasons.  I want to share some of my favourites and tell you why I think the photo is so intriguing from something that may simple or an idea that is more complex.

For my first photo of this series was from a recent wedding I did.  This girl was guest at the wedding and looked like she was entranced peering out of the  window on one of the top floors of the wedding venue hotel.  She had both hands and her forehead on the window just looking and would try to get anyone Else’s attention and point at them to look.  It reminded me of when I was kid and it seemed like all I had was time and too much of it, enough that I would be bored and look for things to do and see new things. I caught the little girl right at the moment when she turned around to see who else she could share the experience with and caught some really gorgeous light through the window. Her smile says it all.