Moto Couple Portrait Session





mx moto couple photo

Moto couple at sunset

I got the chance to do something a little different then usual last week. I went out with a couple to take a some photos of them together. I chatted with them a before the shoot a couple times to get to know them better. Moto came up and how much they were both into it. I threw out a couple ideas and next thing we know we are heading to a beautiful l location pushing their mx bikes down the gravel road. I’m in love with all the gorgeous colors and tones of these photos. Here is just a peek at two of them for the shoot! Its so cool to shoot people doing something they love. Its amazing how comfortable and relaxed they both got once they suited up in their moto gear. I hope to get the chance to do more shoots like these. If you are interested please head to my contact page and tell me more about yourself and your ideas,  I’d love to hear them!