What is your pricing?

My rates and collections aren’t listed for public viewing on my site for a variety of reasons. Pricing varies by location, some weddings outside of Winnipeg require travel fees, which would not be included in a local wedding rate. I also create custom collections for many clients when what they want doesn’t fit nicely in a collection. For pricing details on your wedding  simply head to my contact page!


What is your style?

On your wedding day I photograph the day as it unfolds.  I may point out a better place to get ready that has better light though. I don’t interfere much until it’s time for portraits of the bride and groom, and some with the wedding party. I’ll make sure we set some time aside to get some creative portraits.


Where are you based?

I am based in Winnipeg area and shoot at most surrounding areas without any extra fees. Available for destination weddings all over the world.


Do you travel/destination weddings?

I love to travel! Contact me to discuss specifics of travel costs.


Do you shoot everything at our wedding?

Although every wedding is different, for the most part I will take photos during the getting ready process, bride and groom portraits, wedding party portraits, the ceremony, all the little details, a bit more formal family/friend photos, and wrap the night up with the reception and party!


Do you edit all our photos?

Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time! I love the editing process and see it as another way to get creative and produce something unique for you.  I don’t give bulk treats and edit photos individual to produce the best results.  I select a few favorites for special attention above and beyond.


Do we get color and black and white photos?

Images delivered in black and white are only available in black and white, but I often will deliver multiple edits of the same photo.  If you only receive a photo in black and white its because I believe that photo is strongest viewed that way. If you’d like more color images and less black and white images in your coverage please let me know before the wedding is photographed. I’m glad to accommodate you if I know your preferences before the wedding!


I want photos of both of us getting ready, can you do that?

Yes! We will arrange for my second shooter to help out with that.


Why should I get a second shooter?

Two photographers, two places. Two photographers, two vantage points. The Bride’s face, the Groom’s face. Candid and Details. Two photographers, two times the coverage. Second shooters will often act as an assistant as well so your photographer can get some really great shots and have them worry about the details. It makes everything faster and calmer.


When should we do the wedding portraits? How much time do we need?

This is mostly up to you, but usually a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony(after family formals). Shooting before the ceremony allows you to relax a bit and not stress about time and, more importantly, offers you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour, visit with your guests, and take family/friends photos. I will recommend doing a “First Look” if you choose to go this route. Shooting after the ceremony, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light. Some people favor this because it is more traditional and the first time you will see each other is walking down the aisle. It’s usually best to plan for one to two hours for these photos, more if we will be traveling between different locations.


When is the best time to do photos with family and friends? How long will this take?

Generally right after the ceremony is the easiest. Everyone is all in one spot and you can appoint someone to help you round everyone up and get everyone through quicker. I recommend a shot list for your helper and someone who knows most of the guests. This way you can just focus on taking the photos instead of chasing everyone down and worrying if you have forgotten someone. On average setting aside and hour and a half for these photos if safe, but it depends on the size of your wedding!


Who chooses photo locations?

Ultimately you have the final say. I may have suggestions and bring up some points to consider.


We don’t like getting our photo taken…

I’m a very relaxed person and I’ll tell it like it is. I’m upfront and let you know that the first bit of your photos you will feel uncomfortable until you get used to the camera. Most people don’t even notice the camera after a while. This is because my approach is to not interfere until it’s time for portraits. I may ask you to borrow your shoes or accessories for a bit and take some detail shots of those, but other than that I will leave you be! Sometimes I do see a great photo potential, but I will make sure you are game and never push it. Engagement sessions really help couples who feel timid in front of the camera and gives us a chance to get to know each other better. The best photos come from you being yourself and I’ll take care of the rest.


We want certain poses, how do we show you?

I suggest not having too many planned poses and letting the day play out so it’s more relaxing for all of us. Make sure you look at my galleries to get a feel of my style because that’s what you’re going to get with me!


How many photos will you take at my wedding?

I will be shooting a ton of photos all day so I don’t miss anything. The number of photos I take is different for each wedding. I edit ruthlessly and give you all the best photos from the day.


How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos depends on many things – the number of guests, hours of coverage, types of events or if I was restricted at any point from taking photos (church limitations etc).  On average with a full wedding day you will receive a minimum of 400 photos.


Can we see all the photos you took, even the ones that didn’t get edited?

The simple answer is no. I want to have your complete trust in what I do and know that you will be getting every great photo back.


What happens if you’re sick?

I will be there rain or shine. It would take a lot for me to not being at your wedding, it may just mean I have a lot of tissues in my pocket. If the unthinkable happens I will do my best to find an acceptable replacement for you.


What if your camera equipment malfunctions?

I always bring back ups of everything! From cameras, memory cards, batteries, flashes, anything I will be using you can be sure I have at least two of them. Depending on your wedding I may also have a second shooter there taking photos (they will have back up equipment as well).


Do we need to feed you?

If I am there for the whole day, I would be grateful if you provided me and my second shooter food. Although, this is not an obligation, but if I need to make other arrangements I will need a break to feed myself. It is a mutual benefit if I can eat when everyone else is so I can still have my camera beside me and be near the action if any special moments unfold.


What happens if it rains at my outdoor wedding?

We will plan to have a backup plan in place. Plan B will have alternate locations that will work in bad weather but we will always hope for the best! If you are an adventurous couple and want to take advantage of the rain I will be up for it. Some great photos come out of the unplanned spontaneous events.


Can friends and family take photos on the wedding day?

I don’t mind the guests taking a few photos, but you are paying me to be there and sometimes these guests can be in my way, block my view, make me miss a shot, or be a distraction.


How much do I need to deposit?

I require a 30% initial deposit and the rest of the fee is split between two payments, one before the wedding and one after (or you can pay all at once if it’s easier).


How far should we book in advance?

Typically 6-18 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue. If you’re not much a planner just check with me for availability.


When will I get to see my wedding photos?

Your photos will generally be ready within 2 months following the wedding. I go through a careful and extensive process of choosing the best images from the day and processing each of them with individual attention.


Will you post the photographs online?

I will post a few on my Facebook Page, a few on my website with your approval.



Do you offer anything other then digital files?

Yes. I offer beautifully designed albums (The Humble, The Heirloom and Kin albums),  mini accordion photo books (great for the family), large scale prints and canvas prints. Check all of my products on my Show It page.


Who chooses the photographs in the album?

You can have creative control and pick all the photos or you can just leave it in my hands and let me worry about it! I will design the album and send it over for you to proof in a pdf version. You can add or take out any photos that you want at that time, then I will go ahead and start work on your beautiful album! Albums included in collections come with 20 sides. I might design an album to have more than 20 sides so you can choose the pages to get rid of, or if you love all of them can pay for the extra pages.


How many weddings do you book in a year?

I take a limited number of weddings each year so I can give your wedding the full focus and attention it deserves.


I would like you to shoot my wedding, how do I start the process?

Check out Your Wedding page if you haven’t already and then reach me via my contact form along with your wedding date and venue, if secured. If possible, I would like to meet you both in person so we can get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit You can ask me anything you need then.