Big Plans

Depending on how well you know me, you may already know we’ve been throw in some major house renos. It wasn’t planned at all. Its been coming along slowly for a couple months now. We’ve really just seen the progress lately and just got our flooring delivered. Its pretty exciting. I’m sharing this because I am that much closer to having a studio space and office indoors. Finding mould was a curse and blessing all at the same time. I get to design my office and studio to exactly what I want now, not without A LOT of work though of course. I can’t wait to show you all when its finished. All my client meetings and per-consultation will be done in my home in the future. We will also have an indoor space when the Manitoba winters aren’t so friendly. Here’s a couple photos of the adventure so far!

winnipeg photography studio

Home studio in the raw

building photography studios manitoba

How I spend days not shooting and editing.

winnipeg photography renos

Taking down walls!

home studio in winipeg manitoba photography

Filbert checking out our craftsmanship.