10 Tips for Beach Weddings

Here are 10 tips if your planning a beach wedding that you might not think of! I want all my couples to have an amazing wedding and avoid anything unexpected. Here are a few tips from my experience at destination weddings and having your ceremony/wedding on the beach.


  1. The dress. If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding on a beach you might have to let that princess wedding dress dream go. Make sure your dress is a lightweight fabric. Nothing is more picaresque than your beautiful dress blowing in the beach breeze.
  2. Footwear! Sandals, flips or bare feet will be your best options for your feet for your beach ceremony. It’s scary enough thinking about tripping on your heels walking down the aisle, then add-in sand- skip the heels!
  3. Loud and Clear. You’re most likely not going to have mic to help your voice carry. Make sure you are speaking loud and clear so everyone can hear your vows! Ocean waves may be lovely to your ears, but they might also make it hard for anyone to hear. Make sure you have electricity if you need to have a mic.
  4. Beware of the sun! If you plan to arrive at your destination a few days before your wedding, make sure you have a ton of sunscreen on or you are covering up. Tan lines (or sunburn) don’t have a quick fix!
  5. Be ready for Mother Nature’s elements. If your guests need shade make sure you have that provided for some of the seating. Be prepared for wind- weigh things down or make sure they are heavy enough to withstand some wind. Depending where you go, be ready for bugs too! Be aware if you are having the ceremony with the sunset, your guests will be looking directly in the sun so make sure they have the right eyewear.
  6. Paperwork! Make sure all your permits are set up before hand and ask the right questions. Is your marriage certificate going to be valid when you come back home? Do you need a permit to have your ceremony on the beach? Do you need to arrive so many days before the wedding? Is there paperwork that needs to be done as soon as you arrive? Alternatively, should you do the legal marriage certificate at home before the actual destination wedding? Note* make sure if you are legally married prior to departure that your name is not changed on your passport as your airline ticket name and passport must match.)
  7. Private or public? Check to make sure you know what you are getting into with the beach you’re saying your vows on. You don’t want an old guy in speedo walking by your ceremony.
  8. Inform your guests! Make sure your guests have water, a fan if it’s hot, sunscreen and the proper footwear for the sand. A Guest beach care package is a great idea for this!
  9. Décor. Check with your venue if they provide an arch or chuppah for your ceremony. Make sure if there are flowers or anything with bold colors on the arch they don’t clash with your wedding colors.
  10. Have a back-up plan! No matter where you go there is always potential of r…r…rain.. Make sure you have an indoor location or something sheltered so you can have a worry free wedding.